Tree Crowning, Pruning and Reducing

We at All Round are fully trained Arborists and have acquired our skills over 20 years, with a range of techniques such as Crown Lifting, Crown Reduction and Pollarding, all of which reduce the overall look of the trees canopy. We can engage in tree lopping, which will reduce the height of any tree or we can simply thin out the branches to give it a neater, more pleasing look.

Dead Wood Removal

The three D’s to remove Dead, Dying or Diseased wood within the crown of the tree. This can also be dead branches from neighbouring trees or the removal of ivy.

Tree Felling – Technical Dismantling

All Round safely remove your trees by way of directional felling (removing the tree from the bottom, at ground level) or Technical Dismantling (this is by means of Sectional Dismantling and lowering pace by pace to ground by rope and rigging kit) if a directional fell isn’t possible to avoid any damage to customer property.

Emergency Dangerous Tree Removal

All Round have years worth of technical expertise dealing with storm damaged of windblown trees. We have worked on road side trees and trees that have fell on top property, all of which was dismantled fast efficient and most importantly safely.

Hedge / Conifer Trimming or Reducing

At All Round we pride ourselves on our attention to detail while carrying out our hedge work. We undertake all hedge works, shaping shrubs and annual maintenance trimming, cut backs and reductions.

We also offer a discount for any  conifer work carried out.

Wood Chipper Hire / More Hands

Sometimes there is a need for more hands on site, we at All Round offer our More Hands service to help out at a more affordable cost, whether it be to complete those tree and hedge jobs you just can’t reach or just to turn up and chip up all your green waste and remove it from site.

Stump Removal and Grinding

At All Round we use a range of stump grinders from tracked machines to hand held units to safely ‘grind out’ the main stump of the tree, reducing it to mulch, which can then be removed off site or used on the garden. The tree’s root system will naturally die away with time, this is the perfect any if the ground is to be paved over or replanted in place of the original tree.

Garden and Site Clearances

We at All Round understand the most fast and efficient ways of clearing overgrown vegetation, whether it be a garden that hasn’t been maintained for some time or felling multiple trees ready for a new build or extension, we can clear it

With a vast array of specialist machinery at our disposal you can sit back and trust us to safely prepare your site for you.

If you need more information or to contact us please call on 0151 662 0011 or email